Welcome to the Kent Gin Co. blog

Welcome to the Kent Gin Co. blog! Here, you will find all the latest news, interviews and inspiration on all things gin.

Throughout the latest lockdown, we have been bringing the taste of Kent gins to your living rooms with our virtual events. And now on the Kent Gin Co. blog, we will be sharing all there is to know about our favourite spirit too!

From gift ideas and industry trends, to news from our local distillers across the county and beyond, the Kent Gin Co. blog will be home to all of this and more.

Meet the people behind the bottles in our series of interviews with Kent’s top distillers. What’s the history behind your favourite gin? Where does the inspiration for the flavours come from? What are the next big trends to look out for? We will be speaking to those in the know.

And keep your eyes peeled for some cocktail inspiration, where we will be sharing our favourite recipes and step-by-step guides on how to serve up the most delicious gin creations.

For those who prefer the spirit without the strength, we will also be giving you the low-down on the non-alcoholic gin scene, which is increasing in popularity among drinkers and teetotals alike.

We hope you enjoy reading!

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The Kent Gin Co. Team

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